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Costa Rica Attractions and Activities

Volcanoes: The volcanoes sites at Costa Rica are special features that add the thrill to your Costa Rica holidays. These volcanoes form a part of the active volcanic belt - Pacific Rim of Fire. Seven volcanoes are active and eruptions do take place. Famous volcano sites are Arenal, Irazu, de la Vieja, Ricon and Poas. These sites are also great holiday places as tourists can go for boating, camping, canoeing, trekking and other adventurous activities.

National Parks: Costa Rica has set an example before the whole world by protecting and preserving its rich wildlife. There are as many as 32 national parks and much more protected areas in this country. Few of these national parks are so alluring that travellers specially book for tours to visit these parks. Famous national parks of Costa Rica are: Arenal National Park, Tortuguero National Park, Irazu Volcano National Park, Poas Volcano National Park.

Beaches: Costa Rica is bounded by Caribbean Sea in the east and Pacific Ocean in the west with a coastline spread over 1800 km. Many of the coastal area feature beautiful beaches with white and greyish sand, palm trees and rocky shores. These havens of peace and tranquillity are also known among the tourists as best sites for aqua sports, scuba diving and snorkelling. Beaches recommended for Costa Rica holidays are: Playa Manuel Antonio Beach, Playa Real Beach, Samara Beach, Playa Puerto Vargas Beach, Mal Pais Beach, Playa Buena Beach.

Aqua Sports: The beaches of Costa Rica are also known for hosting many adventurous water sports events. Travellers who have relevant experience can participate in these events, such as under water explorations, sailing events, water rafting, etc. comparable only to South Africa

Tourist Places: Make your time at Costa Rica worthwhile by exploring the landmarks and monuments located in various districts of Costa Rica. Places like Orosi Church and Museum, Joaquin Chaverri Cart Factory, Guayabo National Monument are tourist hotspots in Costa Rica.

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