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Costa Dorada Holidays

Costa Dorada or the Golden Coast is a place of sparkling 150 miles of coastline with azure water and beautiful promenades. It’s the place for the tourists looking to explore the beautiful coastline of Spain. Costa Dorado is a place that won’t disappoint nature lovers and sun bathers. For the adventurous kinds, the umpteen water sports offer the perfect opportunity to let themselves loose and have fun amidst the scenic landscape.

Costa Dorada owes the origin of its name to the extensive golden sand filled beaches along the coastline. The golden sand beckons tourists from world over who flock here to enjoy the glistening warm sand and cool sea. Almost all towns of Costa Durada have their own beaches. The beaches are frequented by locals and visitors from world over during summer months of May through October. Salou is the capital town of Costa Durada and has a decked up infrastructure that supports tourism. Fishing is extremely popular and one can relax with a nice novel in hands while fishing. Or by simply heading to the towns of Cambrils and Tarragona to enjoy the hospitalities of excellent sea food restaurants where one can try various local as well as international fish and seafood based dishes. The southern limit of Costa Dorada is the delta of Ebro River. Towns in the southern area of Costa Dorada are smaller and retain a rustic old charm that has been unspoilt by tourism

Glistening Costa Dorada

The coastline stretching from Barcelona to Tarragona is Costa Dorada known for golden sand covered beaches. Beach resorts, small rustic towns and picturesque villages make the holidays in Costa Dorada an unforgettable experience. The best thing about Costa Dorada is that one can have any kind of holiday here.

You can have a family vacation, a beach holiday at the many beach resorts, or can come here for honeymoon and enjoy sun and sand with your loved one. If you are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday, Costa Dorada can provide this in its many small villages and towns where life retains its simplicity and tradition.

Superb climate makes Costa Dorada a year round holiday destination. Children particularly find holidays here fun since there are exciting attractions like the Aquopolis waterpark (La Pineda) and  Universal Port Aventura, the best known theme park in Spain. Salou is the liveliest holiday resort in Costa Dorada. Port Aventura is easily accessible from here. There are many beaches in Salou and also an inexhaustible number of bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and discos. You can visit beaches in La Pineda and Cambrils too which are continuous with Salou beaches. Cambril is truly Spanish with cobbled streets, fishing harbour, tapas bars and restaurants. Sitges is the cosmopolitan resort very popular with gay community and has superior museums, carnivals, film festivals, elegant mansions and a vibrant night life.

General Etiquette in Costa Dorada

Tipping is common practice in Costa Dorada. Since service charge is not added to final bill, locals and foreigners tip 10% of bill to service staff for their good service. Due to low wages earned by service staff here, tips are generally welcome and much appreciated. English is widely spoken in Costa Dorada and you can use French too. Locals are very courteous and adhere to social etiquette rules. You will rarely come across a local in shorts or baggies. People here are dressed in street attire with long slacks and leather shoes. Eating on the street is not considered appropriate however one might see a few children having a bite.  While dining, forearms have to be kept on table and arms on lap are totally unacceptable. Customers are treated very well at restaurants and can spend as much time as they want even after finishing their meal. The bill would have to be asked for since the service staff would not want to force you into paying and leaving. The mid day meal or lunch is served between 2 and 3 in the afternoon while the lighter dinner is taken between 10 and 11 at night.

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