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Costa Do Sauipe Weather

Costa Do Sauipe enjoys a typical tropical climate. Brazil is located in the southern hemisphere and hence enjoys summer between November and March. The average temperature during the time is around 26C to 27C. Five to six hours of sunshine daily is normal at this time of the year. Costa Do Sauipe has fairly steady temperature throughout the year and day and night temperature has minimal variations across the year. January to March is the peak summer season with temperature averaging at 31C and above. On an average Costa Do Sauipe enjoys 8 to 9 hours of sunshine during January and seven hours in March, February, December, November and October. Rains are common between March and July. You can expect almost 20 days in a month to be wet. It is humid and wet with May being the wettest month of the year.  Winter begins in May and continues through September. The average temperature is around 26C. The temperature of water is around 26C throughout the year and occasionally hits 28C during summer months. Costa Do Sauipe holidays are ideal if you enjoy heat, humidity and sun.

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