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Costa Do Sauipe Attractions and Activities

Costa Do Sauipe is among the most well made and structured private tourist resorts in Brazil. Costa Do Sauipe is located in an EPA or environmental protection area. You can enjoy the many ecological excursions that are organized into woods, beaches, rivers so as to give tourists a clearer and closer feeling of nature and its beauties. If you are interested in getting a massage, head to a nearby tent offering the same or you can even choose to get your Tarot cards read. Some of the attractions in Costa Do Sauipe that you should not miss during your holidays in Costa Do Sauipe are:

•    Barra do Rio Sauipe Beach – The beach has strong waves and while sand on one side while the left bank of Sauipe River is calm with huts serving food and drink. Some sections of beach form natural pools which are delightful for swimming and fishing.
•    Natural beauty – The diverse ecosystems that abound in Costa Do Sauipe gives rise to breathtaking scenery. The fauna that can be spotted in Costa Do Sauipe include sea turtles, whales, rare species of birds, unusual mammals, insects etc.
•    Tamar Project – Tamar Project, Costa Do Sauipe protects egg laying and feeding areas of turtles. Apart from protection, the project also aims at providing education to locals about turtle conservation and has successfully raised almost two million baby turtles safely, in seclusion. The place is a must see and children would definitely find it interesting during your holidays in Costa Do Sauipe.
•    Garcia D’Avila Castle, Costa Do Sauipe – One of the oldest Portuguese buildings and dates back to 1500s. The castle also claims to be the only feudal building remaining in South America. Do not miss this during your holidays in Costa Do Sauipe.
•    Safari Adventures – Jeep safaris into the wonders of Bahoa are exhilarating. Safaris are arranged in a manner that provides you with complete expert guide, safety, comfort and eating arrangements. Alternately, you can take a guided tour of mangrove swamps or even try out habitats of special and unique water creatures in Costa Do Sauipe. River tours are available in plenty and each one of them is sure to surprise you with fascinating rainforest environment during your Costa Do Sauipe holidays.
•    Wind surfing – Windsurfing is very popular and there are annual wind surfing competitions held here.  You can even try learning the sport at the various surf schools located here in Costa Do Sauipe. Other water sports like kayaking, canoeing etc are also common during your Costa Do Sauipe holidays. .
•    Visit to Salvador – Costa Do Sauipe is located close to the carnival city of Salvador and you can have a lovely day out here shopping, eating, clubbing etc. Salvador is among the most loved holiday destinations in Brazil.
•    Golf – Excellent golf course with 18 holes huge putting green and golfing lessons being offered by professionals.

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