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Costa Do Sauipe Holidays

Costa Do Sauipe is an exceptionally planned and built tourist resort in Bahia, Brazil. Costa Do Sauipe is located at a distance of 50 miles to the north east of Salvador. You can enjoy spectacular tropical climate, golden sand, sea and one of the largest and most impressive tourist complexes of South America during your Costa Do Sauipe holidays. Costa Do Sauipe offers first class accommodation, cosmopolitan atmosphere and family friendly ambience. Costa Do Sauipe is ideal for exploring natural beauty without having to denounce any modern comforts or facilities. Located in an area spanning 500 acres, Costa Do Sauipe has lush tropical vegetation, sand dunes, coconut palms, rainforests, lakes, spectacular wildlife, exotic birds etc. to keep visitors here engaged and entertained. There are many varieties of excursions offered here on your holidays in Costa Do Sauipe that takes you into the beautiful country side and gives you a glimpse of the rustic life here. The many restaurants, hotels

Charismatic Costa Do Sauipe

Costa Do Sauipe is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Bahian northern coast. The beauty of the area is exemplified further by Linha Verde or Green Line, the road along the side of the ocean connecting the states of Sergipe and Bahia. Costo Do Sauipe is a completely preserved environment and boasts of five international hotels, six theme inns and facilities for sports as well as leisure, making your holidays in Costa Do Sauipe relaxed. The complex offers conveniences for serving more than three thousand people on business trips, congresses, meetings, workshops and conventions. You can make your holidays to Costa Do Sauipe, a business trip too. All Costa Do Sauipe holidays are characterised by classy accommodation and beaches lined with palms with a backdrop of clear skies and warm temperature. Swimming, tennis, golf, horse riding, squash and water sports are common among tourists and visitors on Costa Do Sauipe holidays. The hotels in Costa Do Sauipe have excellent pools where adults and children can enjoy swimming. Water sports like canoeing, kayaking and surfing prove to be wonderful engagements during Costa Do Sauipe holidays. The artificial lake at Costa Do Sauipe has catamaran sailing facilities. The colonial styled villages in Costa Do Sauipe like the Vila Nova da Praia are main centres of vibrant nightlife and entertainment. Ecology and nature are the main points of emphasis in Costa Do Sauipe holidays.

General Etiquette in Costa Do Sauipe

Tipping is not common in Costa Do Sauipe, Brazil and is rarely expected by the locals. You can tip if you are particularly happy with the service during your holidays in Costa Do Sauipe and people would be naturally grateful. Taxis run on meter and it is a common practice to round off the taxi charge to the next whole number and extra tip is not required. It is normal practice for each suitcase to be charged a minimum of R$3 in addition to the taxi meter charge. Radio and special taxis have fixed rates for trips and do not run on taxi meter. Tipping in hotel can be done if bell hop transfers you luggage into or from you room. Good service of chamber maid should be tipped daily as well as the person who helps by renting chairs, beach umbrellas arranging food and drink etc to make your visit comfortable is another person worthy of your tip. Organized boat tours also request to be tipped but it is completely your decision to oblige or not. Hotels and bars include a 10% service charge to the total bill but paying it is completely at your discretion.

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