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Costa del Sol Holidays

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations of all time. And one of the most famous holiday destinations of Spain is the Costa del Sol. Famous as “Sun Coast”, Costa del Sol lies on the southern zone of Spain in Malaga region. Costa del Sol, for more than anything else; is world famous for its pristine beach experiences and wonderful climate throughout the year. Whatever may be your reason for vacation, Costa del Sol fits the bill appropriately in all senses. Apparently, that’s the reason why Costa del Sol gets more than two million tourists coming here every year.

Costa del Sol is spread across 150 kilometres of Malaga region. The main reason for the entire popularity of this place is due to its pleasant temperature throughout the year. A lovely weather is just perfect reason to enjoy the beaches and also indulge in your favourite outdoor sports and activities. Costa del Sol is divided into two parts; one is its eastern part and the other western. Western Costa del Sol is much more developed than the eastern Costa del Sol.
The eastern side of Malaga city falls under the eastern Costa del Sol province. It is spread across 54 kilometres coastal area and has cliffs of about 200 meters. Most part of this eastern zone is covered with habitual cultivation. The most popular and established place in this coastal area is Nerja. Nerja is well developed and most of the hotels and other tourist accommodations are located here. The major tourist attraction of the eastern Costa del Sel is its Nerja Caves which hosts music and dance festivals every year in its caves itself. Nerja Caves is open for tourists throughout the year. Also, one can find some beautiful beaches out here at the foot of Nerja town.
The western Costa del Sol includes the major portion of Malaga region. It is spread across 100 kilometres and is bordered by Cadiz territory. Majority of the tourists flock this area due to its highly developed infrastructure and property value. Western Costa del Sol is very well connected to the Malaga International airport also which is just 8 kms away from the Malaga city.

General Etiquette in Costa del Sol

Tipping is not a common practice in Costa del Sol, just like in the rest of Spain but it is discretionary. Ideally, there are always service charges included in the hotel and restaurants bill. Although the Spanish do not expect tips, still, it is a good practice to leave a 10% tip in luxury hotels and restaurants and for most of the services here. Moreover, a small amount of tip is expected by drivers and guides too.

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