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Costa de La Luz Holidays

Spain is a popular holiday destination with travellers around the world. It has a vibrant nightlife, amazing beaches, plenty to see around and has so many wonderful destinations that some are left unexplored till date. Costa de La Luz is one of them. Costa De La Luz lies between the Portuguese border and Costa Del Sol. It is on the western side of the Andalucian coastline.

Many foreigners throng to the beautiful beaches during Costa de La Luz holidays; in the months of July and August. Costa De La Luz is divided into two halves- the eastern half stretches from Cadiz to Tarif while western half is the Huelva province. A look at Costa De La Luz reveals the stark contrast between this place and other coasts of Spain like Costa Blanca. There are no high rise apartments here, no clutter and the place has retained its original charm making it a perfect retreat for tourists from the modern world. Costa De La Luz holidays offer various national parks which have been protected, thereby restricting any construction in and around the area. This place offers a serene, relaxed and a calm holiday experience.

Serene Costa De La Luz

Costa De La Luz means “the coast of light” in Spanish. It was given this name keeping in mind the abundant sunshine the place receives. Or maybe it was given this name because of the opportunities it gives to contemplate your life, given its peaceful atmosphere. Whatever the reason, Costa De La Luz holidays are perfect to spend some undisturbed moments with your lover. 

Costa de La Luz holidays are also a paradise for nature lovers and those interested in history. The varied flora and fauna of the place can keep anybody hooked to the place for days on end. You can also visit the nearby towns of Cadiz, Jerez and Tarif to get to know a little about the history during Costa de La Luz holidays.

Costa De La Luz holidays are also known for their breathtaking carnivals; which are organised from time to time throughout the year. And the winds of the town of Tarif can literally blow you away. It is “THE” place if you are serious about some wind surfing or kite surfing. The clear blue skies, ample sunshine, great golf courses and some amazing wildlife make you wonder why you never knew about this place much earlier. Costa de La Luz holidays is what you need when you need seclusion and yet have the opportunities to play around and have fun.

General Etiquette in Costa De La Luz

Leaving a tip is not part of the Spanish tradition and customs. But unlike their Japanese counterparts, Spanish people do not consider a tip to be an insult. The same holds true for Costa De la Luz too.

You would not find many locals leaving a tip at the restaurants or at the bar here. However, if you so like, you can always leave a 10% tip at the restaurants. In case your taxi driver turns out to be helpful, a round- up of the fare is a god practice. There is no need to tip at pubs or bars unless you are served by a hostess.

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