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Costa De Almeria Holidays

For most of us, holidays are an important part of our lives. Some use it to bust the stress; some use it to indulge in pleasure while still others use it to find adventure. Whatever the case maybe, a good holiday is necessary to keep us going. And a good holiday is made up of a good holiday destination. Talking of holiday destinations, there are plenty in Spain. In fact, Spain has been the most popular vacation spot with the UK crowd. There is something for every taste in Spain. And if you are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday in Spain, Costa De Almeria holidays are sure to please your senses.

Costa de Almeria is sandwiched between Costa De Sol and the famous Costa Blanca in the southern part of Spain. The place prides itself in having 200 miles of long coastline which is blessed with sunshine throughout the year. And despite the cast coastline and numerous beaches in the region, it has remained protected from rampant commercialisation, unlike some other beaches of Spain. Costa De Almeria holidays offer you the charm and serenity that you so want. It is like beautiful princess whose charm lures everyone to enjoy it.

Elegant Costa De Almeria
It is the simplicity of Costa De Almeria holidays which will seduce your senses with the first touch. The discrete coves- protected by volcanic cliffs- and minimal crowd are a welcome relief from other jam packed beaches of Spain. The beaches here are in excellent condition and most of them have been awarded the blue flag.

The beaches are pebbly and uneven, which could be an off for some too. But the vast expanse of clear blue waters more than neutralises any discomfort you might have with the rocky terrain during Costa De Almeria holidays.

Costa De Almeria holidays have various other things to offer to the exploring tourist and one of them is the town of Almeria. Almeria is seethed in history which makes a trip to the place a must have while you are on Costa De Almeria holidays.

General Etiquette in Costa De Almeria

Unlike in the United states of America, where tipping is a must if you desire to get good service, tipping is not a custom in the whole of Spain. And the same holds true for Costa De Almeria holidays. You would seldom see local Spanish people tipping at a restaurant. And even if they do, it is no more than rounding up the bill. However, if you are a foreign national, there is no harm in tipping.

Generally, it is wise to leave a 10% tip at a restaurant. If you are using a credit card, you can include the tip in the credit card slip itself.

If the taxi driver helps you load your luggage in the car, it is always nice to round up the fare for him. Alternatively, you could even leave a 5% tip if you think he deserves it. There is no need to tip at a bar unless a hostess serves you.

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