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Costa Brava Holidays

Picturesque coastline, spectacular beaches and ample space for sun bathing; Costa Brave is the place for the well heeled tourist looking to experience tranquillity amidst nature and history. With many resorts, villages and towns located nearby, Costa Brava offers umpteen options for the tourists to relax and get mesmerised by natural abstractness of greenery and azure beaches.

Costa Brava is a picturesque coastline studded with outstanding beaches along the beautiful Mediterranean. If you want some sunshine and fun , simply pack your bags and visit the many towns, resorts and villages on Costa Brava. The place is mostly frequented by British and French tourists. Costa Brava is the north-eastern coastal region of Catalonia in Spain. Costa in Spanish means 'coast' and Brava is 'rugged' or 'wild'. Costa Brava stretches from Blanes to the French border. The coastline stretches for about 60 km long and is located to the north east of Barcelona. Costa Brava boasts of an excellent climate with hot sunny summers and mild cool winters. Good beaches, golden sun and plenty of sand makes it a sought out destination among tourists. Sea side resorts like the Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar and Blanes are popular with people on beach holidays. Costa Brava retains some unspoilt and traditional towns for tourists who want to have a wholesome and relaxing experience. There are towns like Cadaques, Pals, Tamariu, Llafranc, Aigua Blava, Calella de Palafrugell, Sant Feliu de Guixols etc. which can give you a glimpse of traditional Spanish village life as well as make your holiday richer by the experience.

Gastronomy is another delight for the tourists looking to enjoy the rich delicacies of Spain and Catalan region in particular. Costa Brava is located in Catalonia, which has a culture, tradition, language and cuisine of its own. Besides exotic foods, the rugged coastline of Costa Brava with cliffs, bays, beaches, coves provide excellent spots for snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing et al.

If you are planning a family vacation, then Platja D'Aro and Calella is where you should head to. If you want to be near Barcelona, then book yourself into Blanes, Pineda de Mar or Malgrat resorts. Alternately, you can enjoy a quiet holiday Catalan style at villages of Llofriu, Taramiu, Palafrugell etc. The choices available in Costa Brava are numerous for the ardent tourist.

General Etiquette in Costa Brava

Tipping is a common practice in Costa Brava. Since service charge is not added in the final bill and wages of the service staff is very low, a tip is generally appreciated. Locals also follow this tipping etiquette. A 10% tip would be enough for a good service. Do tip your maid, restroom attendants, housekeeping staff, taxi drivers, bar tenders, waiters etc. Spanish people are sticklers for social etiquette, especially in restaurants and streets. Eating on streets is not very common but children are excused. Locals are generally particular about their attire and mostly are dressed for the city with long slacks, leather shoes and polo or dress shirts. Shorts and baggies are common among foreigners and tourists. A customer in a restaurant can sit at his table for as long as he wants and his bill will be given to him only when he asks for it.

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