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Corte Holidays

This impressive little town of Corte was earlier the capital of the Corsica. The town has several historical sites depicting the glorious days of the now obscure town. The citadel is firmly poised on a rocky hillock overlooking the village of Corte. You can approach Corte from both Bastia and Ajaccio as it lies midway between these two cities. The settlement is surrounded by stunning rocky cliffs, aggressive rivers and towering dense tree lines.

The Corte citadel has strategic significance. If you observe carefully you will find that it was a military outpost created to protect the town flanked on eastern side of citadel from marauders. History of Corte reveals that the town has been under attack time and again. However due to the strategic location of the citadel the town was able to repeal such attacks successfully. Spending time in the serenity of the village is a real treat for urban people.

General Etiquette

In Corte you are expected to extend courtesies whenever you are introduced to someone or you have been greeted by someone. Also waiters expect a 10% tip on the bill amount. Also while eating out mind your table manners.

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