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Corsica Holidays

Corsica is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Widely famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica is a part of the Republic of France and located southeast of the French mainland. The Italian Island of Sardinia is the closest neighbor of Corsica. Washed in the basking glory of sunshine in the Mediterranean, Corsica’s geography is as much important as its history. Corsica, with its 600-mile-long unspoiled coast and scenic landscape, seduces every visitor coming to explore its treasures.

Splendid Corsica

Corsica is among the most beautiful places in the world. The beautiful coastline, wild treasure, gaudily soaring mountains, and enchanting cuisines have captivated tourists for centuries. The exclusive beauty of Corsica is complemented by its Mediterranean climate, cool green mountains, surrounding blue waters, stunning palm fringed bays, cherished coves, rugged countryside, alpine snow-capped peaks, deep gorges, stepping up torrents, lofty pine forests, glacial lakes, mountain pastures, and valleys. The majestic natural landscape of Corsica and its beaches are perfect for popular activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, wind-surfing, scuba diving, and sunbathing. Towns in Corsica, such as Ajaccio, Bastia, Bonifacio, Calvi, Corte, and Porto-Vecchio, boast many attractions for tourists.

General Etiquette

It is better to be aware of either French or Latin in Corsica. People are usually tourist friendly. Giving tips for services rendered generally accepted.

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