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Comino Holidays

Comino is an island in the Maltese Archipelago. Malta, Gozo, and Comino are the three islands that constitute Malta country. Surrounded by blue Mediterranean waters, this is the smallest of the inhabited island of Malta. This tiny isle of Comino spread over 3.5 sq km was once an observation post of Malta under different rulers. The tiny island of Comino is stuck between Malta and Gozo. From a distance, it looks a rocky outcrop, but its rugged plateau has enough flora and fauna to receive the status of a nature reserve. The Knights of St. John Order made this a military outpost as the island was very significant for security of Malta. Even today, Comino is important to keep a tab on shipping routes in the Mediterranean Sea. Away from the development carried out by man in its biggest neighborhood, Malta, this island is a perfect holiday hideaway. Comino is named after the cumin herb once grown here.

Picturesque Comino

Comino represents vivid colors of the Maltese archipelago. A nature reserve, a bird sanctuary, scenic beaches, shallow blue water, and beautiful view of the surrounding sea make Comino a tourist favorite. Unlike Malta and Gozo, few tourists come to Comino to discover its history. However, during summer and spring seasons, boatloads of bikini-clad tourists overrun the island taking advantage of its picturesque beaches providing perfect hide-away and clear blue water. The Blue Lagoon, Comino Island’s main attraction, is a sheltered inlet of gleaming aquamarine water suitable for a day pleasure boat trip. The lagoon is also excellent for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. The beaches of St Mary Bay and St Nicholas Bay are also worthy of visit. The most important hallmark of Comino is its seclusion as it feels fit to the notion of a desert isle as the sun sets. The nature reserve and the bird sanctuary attract many nature lovers. Comino is worth visit throughout the year. During summer months, the clear warm Mediterranean water is ideal for water sports. The isle boasts excellent dive sites. During the winter days, Comino is perfect for leisure walkers and photographers. The scent of wild thyme and herbs compensate for lack of urban themes. When spring comes, blooming cumin flowers and animal life adorn Comino. The island of Comino offers a complete different pace of life from the neighboring island of Malta and is an ideal holiday destination both for a day trip or few nights of your holiday.

General Etiquette in Comino

Maltese and English are spoken in Comino. Locals love their language and take it as an offense if told that the language is of Arabic origin. Though Comino is safe and there is only one policeman to guard it, yet rising illegal immigration and presence of hunters in the bird sanctuary impact the peace in the island. As Comino is strictly a Roman Catholic country, carousing by tourists is not tolerated. To visit churches one need to be dressed properly. However, the beach is dotted with bikini-clad men and women.

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