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City breaks Holidays

Everyone wonders when they can break away from their boring lives to live out their dream vacation. Unfortunately, you never get to escape reality for too long. That’s where city breaks come to your rescue. Arrange a short or weekend city break to experience the culture, lifestyle and thrills of a new city.
Out of the millions of city breaks on offer, ZipHolidays brings you five cities worth visiting on your fascinating city breaks.

Paris city breaks

One of the world’s most beautiful capital cities, Paris is the safest bet for dream city breaks. From attraction ranging from the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees to Musée du Louvre and The Bastille, Paris city breaks are intimate, romantic and exciting, all at the same time. If the culture or the sights fail to mesmerise you on your city breaks, the cuisine and the entertainment certainly will.

City breaks to Paris offers travellers to experience stunning scenery, delightful cafes, elegant museums and historical landmarks. Some of the stops en route your city breaks should be the following:

Eiffel Tower – Built in 1889, what once was seen as a monstrosity is now the splendid symbol of Paris. If there was any place on earth worth quick city breaks, it has to be the Eiffel tower.

Champs Elysees – A stunning boulevard that stretches from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe. Believed to be the world’s most beautiful avenue, it offers cafes, cinemas and luxury shops for some great shopping to enrich city breaks to Paris.

Musée du Louvre – The historical national museum of France is arguably the most famous in the world, too. Housing nearly 35,000 antiques and relics, the Louvre is your crash course in culture on your Paris city breaks.

The Bastille – A symbol of French Revolution, this fortress-prison is also the venue for the French national holiday celebrations. Opera lovers can visit on their city breaks to catch some of Europe's premier Operas.


TRANSPORT – Travellers on city breaks to Paris may book a quick flight that would take them to France in approximately an hour or else they can book train seats with Eurostar.

BEST TIME TO GO – Travellers are recommended to arrange their Paris city breaks between September and early December when the city has an extremely pleasant weather.

CURRENCY – The currency in France is Euro. Current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 1.11 EURO.

TIME DIFFERENCE - France is 1 hour ahead of the UK.

LANGUAGE – Main language is French.

VOLTAGE – Voltage is 240 V with European 2-pin plugs.

Amsterdam City breaks

One of the most charming city breaks in Europe, trips to Amsterdam would fascinate you with its warm hospitability, vibrant atmosphere and stunning scenic beauty. Amsterdam city breaks are renowned for their amazing museums, wonderful canals and, a host of galleries, cafes and shops.

The captivating beauty of Amsterdam holidays will leave you mesmerised with just a short trip. That’s the magic of Amsterdam, more than evident in the following attractions:

MUSEUMS – With just a walking distance between them, Amsterdam museums enliven the city breaks with their diverse themes. From Anne Frank House and the Historical Museum, travellers can move on to less serious stuff such as the beer lover’s Heineken Experience or diamonds being cut at Stoeltie Diamonds.

ART – Amsterdam’s art is unrivalled with the largest collection of Van Gogh’s masterpieces at The Van Gogh Museum. You can also visit The Rembrandt’s 17th century House Museum. Travellers may extend their city breaks for a complete modern art experience with The Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and its stunning collection.

CANALS – There’s no better way to travel on Amsterdam city breaks than through charming network of famous canals. You can hire a personal boat or get a guided tour or sign up for a sunset cruise or travel on a canal bus. The choice is endless.

SHOPPING – Amsterdam city breaks are renowned for the plethora of shopping options. The streets of energetic markets are lined with numerous vibrant shops with great deals on art, antiques, designer clothes, clubbing gear and retro fashion. A true shopper’s paradise.


TRANSPORT – Travellers on city breaks to Amsterdam can book a flight that would take them an hour and 20 minutes (approx.) to reach Amsterdam. Travellers can also book their seats with high-speed Eurostar trains.

BEST TIME TO GO – Travellers are recommended to plan their city breaks to Amsterdam from May to October as the summer months are blessed with perfect conditions for walking and sightseeing.

CURRENCY – The currency in Netherlands is Euro. Current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 1.11 EURO.

TIME DIFFERENCE – U.K is 1 hour behind Netherlands.

LANGUAGE – The official language is Dutch

VOLTAGE – Voltage is 230 V with European 2-pin plugs.

Prague city breaks

City breaks to Prague take you back to the wonderful land of Gothic church spires, cobblestone roads and a city that has a feel of a living medieval museum. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and travellers on city breaks to this fascinating land are awed by the city’s architectural marvels and the romantic atmosphere.

Even the shortest of Prague city breaks are enough to be mesmerised by the city’s endless list of museums, galleries, opera and ballet, romantic dining spots along with the opera and ballet. Some of the attractions not to be missed during your Prague city breaks are as follows:

FAMOUS SIGHTS – Prague city breaks are renowned for their architectural brilliance and a stroll through the city offers amazing sights such as the stunning Prague Castle, the Old Town Bridge Tower, the 15th century Powder Tower, incredible Gothic churches and the remarkable Charles Bridge among many others to enrich your city breaks to Prague.

CULTURE – Travellers on Prague city breaks would be fascinated by the city’s cultural riches. It houses a plethora of live music venues offering everything from opera and classical music to rock and even church recitals.

NIGHTLIFE – You may prefer a peaceful cocktail drink or an exciting club or a live rock concert, Prague city breaks would never let you down. From great pubs and bars to live music shows and even casinos, city breaks to Prague would leave you with a lifetime of memories in just a single night.

SHOPPING – City breaks to Prague offer some of the best shopping in Europe, with distinctive shopping areas such as the Old Town Square and the Stare Mesto area housing some of the best bargains out there. Get souvenirs of your Prague city breaks such as antiques, handbags, toys or Crystal glass creations.


TRANSPORT – It would take less than two hours for travellers to reach Prague for their city breaks. You may even travel to Prague by super-fast Eurostar trains.

BEST TIME TO GO – The best time for city breaks to Prague is from May to October as the settings are just perfect with cool autumn breezes, fewer tourists and better prices.

CURRENCY – The currency in the Czech Republic is Euro. Current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 1.11 EURO.

TIME DIFFERENCE – Prague is 2 hours ahead of the U.K.

LANGUAGE – The official language is Czech.

VOLTAGE – Voltage is 230 V with European 2-pin plugs.

Dublin city breaks

City breaks to Dublin offer a journey into one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. Dublin is renowned for its artistic, literary and historical contributions to the world of art and culture. With endless choices of theatres, art cinemas, opera houses, live music venues, pubs, film festivals and comedy clubs, Dublin will leave you spellbound, no matter how long your city breaks are.

The city is home to some of the best pubs in the world and one experience during your city breaks at any of them would leave you comparing all pubs to Dublin. Nothing beats the city’s plethora of drinking pubs and chic cafes. City breaks in summer to Dublin are always pleasant and if the city’s energy doesn’t bring a smile on your face, the great humour of the Dubliners certainly would.

Before you embark your Dublin city breaks, here are some of the attractions not to be missed on your trip:

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS – Dublin city breaks take you breathtaking historical sights such as the renowned Dublin castle, 16th century Trinity College, St Patrick's Cathedral as well as The National Museum of Ireland with its amazing collection of antique jewellery, church artefacts and one of the greatest collection of prehistoric gold in Europe.

CULTURE – Dublin’s culture would blow you away on your city breaks here, irrespective of the duration. The city’s rich cultural and performance arts are a delight to all travellers and offer several cinema, opera, poetry, live music and comedy shows to choose from.

PUBS – City breaks to Dublin can never be complete without a visit to its legendary pubs. Depicting in great volume in their cinema and literature, these pubs are everything from entertaining to jovial to stimulating. Although most central Dublin pubs may feel a little tourist-oriented, you can move towards the suburbs during your city breaks to experience a more conventional Dublin pub.

TEMPLE BAR – The most famous street in Dublin, it is a must-visit during your Dublin city breaks. With wonderful buildings and cobbled streets, this street is lined on both sides with endless pubs, bars, clubs, shops, cinema, restaurants and theatre for your dream city breaks to Dublin.


TRANSPORT – Travellers on Dublin city breaks can book a quick flight that would take them just an hour to reach Dublin. Travellers also have the option to travel by train with Eurostar.

BEST TIME TO GO – Travellers are recommended to plan their Dublin city breaks in the months of May and June as it’s the nicest time to visit the countryside with pleasant weather and lots of flowers.

CURRENCY – The currency in Ireland is Euro. Current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 1.11 EURO.

TIME DIFFERENCE – U.K is 1 hour behind Netherlands.

LANGUAGE – The official languages are Gaelic and English.

VOLTAGE – Voltage is 240 V with UK 3-pin plugs.

New York city breaks

City breaks to New York (the big apple) is one of the best experiences any travellers can have. The city boasts of unique cultural diversity, soaring skyscrapers and incredible tourist attractions. It is home to the United Nations along with a collection of the most renowned attractions and museums in the world. New York City breaks are a rare chance to experience this lively city where the rich American culture fuses with the most popular dining, shopping and entertainment choices.

City breaks to New York are considered to be everything a traveller needs from their city breaks. Its vibrant culture with numerous museums and libraries, natural splendour with the parks and river, along with the excitement of its nightlife and entertainment would leave you wishing to stay longer. Some of the must-visit attractions to consider while planning your New York City breaks are:

ARCHITECTURE – City breaks to New York are renowned for its wonderful styles of architecture evident in the array of tall skyscrapers. Buildings such as the Chrysler building, Empire State building and the Woolworth building from 1913 are a sight to behold for all travellers on their New York City breaks.

ATTRACTIONS – Thousands of tourists come to New York, every year, and not just on their city breaks. Travellers, sometimes, need days or even weeks to visit all the famous landmark sights in the city but even your short city breaks would feel amazing. With sights such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Ellis Island and the Central Park, there’s just no beating city breaks to New York.

ENTERTAINMENT – Art lovers would cherish an experience of the Guggenheim Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on their city breaks to New York. If you love theatre, you can’t afford to miss the Broadway. With more than 14 miles of beaches and 28,000 acres of parkland, New York City breaks are too good to be true.

SHOPPING – No matter where you shop or what you buy on your city breaks to New York, the range and quality of the choices on offer would blow you away. The choices to shop range from the world-renowned Macy’s and Century 21 to Bergdorf and Goodman.


TRANSPORT – If you choose to fly on your New York City breaks, it would take you around 7 hours to get there. You can great deals if you book your tickets online in advance.

BEST TIME TO GO – There is no best time to plan your city breaks to New York as it enjoys a pleasant weather all year round although if you’re chasing sunshine and warm weather, you can arrange your New York City breaks in the months of July and August.

CURRENCY – The currency in the United States is the Dollar. Current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 1.51 USD.

TIME DIFFERENCE – UK time is ahead of that in New York with a time difference of 4 to 5 hours depending on the daylight savings schedules.

LANGUAGE – The official language is English.

VOLTAGE – Voltage is 110 to 120 volts.

TIPPING – Normally 15 to 20 %

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