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Christ Church Holidays

Christ Church is a parish located in the island nation of Barbados. The geographical position of Christ Church at the southern tip of Barbados brings many gorgeous beaches of Barbados within proximity. Christ Church stands second in population among parishes in Barbados. There are many attractions and activities that make a trip to Christ Church unforgettable.

Christ Church is a tourist destination that is popular with all age-groups and ideal for all holiday moods. Couples, families, and senior holidaymakers, find Christ Church holidays travel equally appealing. A major reason for the popularity of Christ Church holidays travel is the availability of all facilities such as good hotels, restaurants, and interesting Barbados attractions, essential for a tourist on holiday. There are a number of attractive deals for UK tourists looking to holidays in Christ Church. Find some fantastic Christ Church holidays package deals on ZIP Holidays.

General Etiquette in Christ Church

Formal greetings are expected between adults. Proper dressing etiquette should be followed. Topless or nude bathing is illegal. 10-15% service charge is regular in hotels. Additional tipping is appreciated.

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