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Chowara Holidays

Chowara is an accredited internationally famous beach resort in Kerala. Book Chowara holidays to unwind on virgin beaches along the Arabian Sea.

Chowara is one of the recently emerged tourist destinations in Kerala. Consequently, it offers virgin beaches and unspoilt holiday attractions. The ayurvedic and heritage resorts such as Manaltheeram are on offer by Chowara holidays. The serene beach is great for sunbathing. For water sports, you can head off to the Kovalam beach which in turn is easily accessible. With plenty of attractions and activities on offer, Chowara holidays also provide a window to the amazing local culture. Watch colourful and breathtaking performances of the Kathakali dance which is quite dramatic – dance troupes perform in hotels and cultural centres. One of the oldest martial art forms in the world saw its origin here – this is known as Kalaripayattu – do watch a show.

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