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Cha Am Holidays

Cha-Am is a beautiful resort district in Thailand. The Cha Am holidays are quite popular with tourists from all over the world. People looking for beach holidays in Thailand often head to this beautiful beachside resort Cha Am.

Cha Am is about 170 Km from Bangkok and is also referred to as Chaam and Cha-am. There is another popular seaside resort in this region, Hua Hin, which is about 25 km from Cha Am and is more popular with the tourists. The Cha Am golden beach stretches to about 5 km and is popular for the laidback and peaceful atmosphere. It is usually deserted during the week and is livelier during the weekends. Tourists can opt for cheap Cha Am holidays as well as luxury Cha Am holidays.

Peaceful Cha Am

As compared to the other Thailand cities like Phuket or Pattaya, Cha Am is peaceful and serene. Resort Cha Am does not have nightlife to boast of and is ideal for people travelling with families. It is a popular Thai resort which allows the travellers to see the real Thailand and get an authentic experience. The beach here is serene and beautiful. The water is not clear enough to allow people to indulge into water sports and therefore the beaches are generally dull. However, people visit the beach on the weekends and during the holidays and this is when it flourishes with life. Tourists on Cha Am holidays looking for water sports during their Cha Am vacations often head to the nearby islands like Ko Pha Ngan which offers the same.

General Etiquette in Cha Am

When it comes to general etiquettes in Cha Am or any other part of Thailand, one need not worry as Thai people are laid back and relax. However, the tourists should refrain from commenting on the royal family as they hold an esteemed position and anything said against them can lead to angry reaction. Similarly, when visiting the temples here, make sure you follow their norms and are dressed well. When addressing a monk, make sure your feet do not point towards them and woman should make sure that they do not touch them.

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