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Cayo Santa Maria Holidays

One of the islands in Jardines del Rey archipelago in Cuba, Cayo Santa Maria offers a paradisiacal setting with its beautiful beaches and gleaming blue waters. Cayo Santa Maria holidays are a good option of holidaying in Cuba.

The Cayo Santa Maria island stretches across 13 km in length – a small one in proportions but replete with natural beauty. One can reach Cayo Santa Maria through a 48 km long causeway from the mainland over the ocean.
• Cayo Santa Maria is part of the enchanting northern coral reef of Cuba.
• Cayo Santa Maria offers opportunities for snorkelling and diving.
• Most parts of Cayo Santa Maria are virgin. You can have nature walks around.
• If you’re going for Cayo Santa Maria holidays in summer, do remember to carry a good insect repellent.
• Cayo Santa Maria faces the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently, waves can be quite large and intimidating. Take care if you are a weak swimmer.
• The local time at Cayo Santa Maria is about 5 hours ahead of London time.
• The currency is Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC).
• Be careful at night on the causeway as it is not lighted properly.

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