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Cayo Coco Holidays

Miles and miles of mangroves and coconut trees welcome you to the small island of Cayo Coco in Cuba. Cayo Coco holidays are ideal for those who want proximity with nature.

Cayo Coco is the fourth largest island in Cuba and features over 22 km of breathtakingly beautiful beaches. The name of Cayo Coco derives from the Coco (coconut) bird (local name for the white ibis) which nests abundantly on the Cuban island. Cayo Coco is home to over 360 species of plants and 200 animal species (including birds and reptiles). The variety of underwater life is also amazing. The sun-kissed island of Cayo Coco has well-resourced resort complexes that ensure that you have absolutely relaxing Cayo Coco holidays. The main waterway of Cayo Coco is Chamba river which also a great spot for fresh-water fishing. In Cayo Coco, tourists have to use the Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) for all purposes, including tipping as other currencies are of no use to the locals. Also keep in mind that the time difference of Cayo Coco with respect to London is +5 hours.

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