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Castries Holidays

Castries is one of the most beautiful Caribbean destinations and the capital of St Lucia Island. It is a romantic getaway for honeymoon couples, a paradise for water sport enthusiasts and a place to relax for families. Its golden beach and tropical climate is just perfect for sunbathing. Its harbour is the main stopover for Caribbean cruises. Your holidays in Castries include a perfect stay in the Caribbean, sunbathing in the golden beach, swimming in the warm Caribbean and eating some of the exotic Caribbean food.

Entertaining Castries

Castries holidays make you experience the history of this place along with modern development. Castries holiday packages include stay at good hotels, great shopping along with sunbathing at its Vigie Beach. This place has access to the other beaches like Malabar Beach and Choc Beach. This tropical paradise is filled with lush vegetation and has a large variety of birds in different colours. You can also book last minute holidays to Castries and get some fabulous discounts on Zip holidays or book a Castries holiday package through Zip holidays according to your budget.

General Etiquette

There is some etiquette you should try to follow during your holiday in Castries. The people in St Lucia follow traditional British culture. One should try to dress conservatively when not on the beach during their Castries holiday. It is always best to ask permission before taking photographs of people here. Do not venture out on lonely areas alone in your Castries holiday.

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