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Casino Holidays

Casino city Las Vegas has the world’s 12th busiest airport, the McCarran International Airport - where international and domestic flights arrive. From the airport, an airport shuttle offers the most economic drive to your hotel at less than $10. Buses and taxis too are available outside the terminal.

Situated in the US state of Nevada and the seat of Clark County, Las Vegas is a young city that attracts thousands for its glittery lifestyle, casinos and gambling. Having developed not more than 100 years ago, from rocky and pebbled desert into human settlements, Las Vegas is the world center for casino tourism. Internationally renowned as a gambling resort city, Las Vegas today, is a glittering spectacle of extravagant buildings, lavish hotels, glamorous casinos, and glitzy nightclubs and bars – a city whose every corner spells thrill, every bend exciting. Stupendous tourist amenities and numerous adventure possibilities make Las Vegas the most coveted of holiday destinations worldwide.

If you are a US resident, thrill yourself on a road journey across the beauteous desert region via interstate bus service from California, Arizona, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco to Las Vegas.

Train services to Vegas are not available.

About Las Vegas as a casino gambling destination

Economic car rentals are usually $25 to $30 per day, unless it’s a holiday weekend or there is a convention in town. Indulge in a limousine tour at $35 per hour to scour the Strip in style, or when you feel the pinch in your pocket, consider the CAT buses at $3 one-way trip to the Strip or the taxi at $3.30 minimum and $2.65 for every mile after that. The Las Vegas Monorail too is a fantastic option, with stops at the famous Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas Convention Center, Harrah's / Imperial Palace, the Flamingo Las Vegas / Caesar's Palace and Bally's / Paris Las Vegas.

On foot, the downtown's Fremont Street is wonderfully rejuvenating. As you walk along the Strip, the dancing fountains at Bellagio and the erupting volcano at Mirage are stunningly beautiful exemplars of Vegas bounty.

Free parking is abundant in Vegas, though parking on the Strip is not permissible. Almost every hotel provides free valet parking and parking in hotel garages and lots are your best option. At just $2 tip to valets, Las Vegas encourages, perhaps, the cheapest tipping etiquette.

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