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Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean holidays enthral people with its extraordinary beaches, world-class resorts and landscaped gardens. Sail around the beaches with renowned cruise lines else take a leisurely walk around the ocean front to rejuvenate your body, soul and mind. You can not resist pampering yourself with a wide range of cuisines and delectable dishes. Dine at classy restaurants for savouring some of the finest in the world or look for perfect shopping experience in its grand boutiques.

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We at offer user friendly search interface and limitless options to give a wonderful sojourn during Caribbean holidays. With affiliation to ATOL, travellers can be rest assured of their safety and availability of flights. Our cheap Caribbean deals can be personalized to the last detail to ensure the vacation of a life time and we ensure best and competitive rates for your customized package.

About Caribbean – Fast Facts

Caribbean is a region that encloses the bright azure Caribbean Sea with a fabulous chain of 7000 islands. This region is called West Indies because when Christopher Columbus came here in 1942 he thought that he had landed at the Indies (in Asia).

It is politically organized into 27 territories that include sovereign states, dependent territories of US or European Union and overseas departments. The population mainly consists of African ancestry, yet minorities from French Caribbean, Portuguese, French, English, Dutch and minorities of mixed race are also present. Its ecosystem mainly supports diverse fauna and flora, ranging from montane cloud forests to cactus scrublands.

Travellers can speak a wide range of languages such as English, French, Dutch or Spanish owing to the diversity of people from different regions. It is assured that during Caribbean holidays travellers can experience stunning coral reefs with tropical fish, enjoying golf beneath blue skies and sailboats over the azure sea waters and couples strolling on the beach at evening times.

Currency Info – Caribbean Holidays

It is be noted that the currencies of some islands are directly connected to the United States dollar (USD) thus keeping a constant exchange rate at all times. US currency is widely accepted throughout the Caribbean. Some of the former British colonies still use pounds and others prefer their own currency. Currency can be exchanged at all Caribbean airports and reputed banks. Major American and European credit cards are accepted throughout the Caribbean islands. Even then it is advisable to carry some money for emergencies.

Travellers who go for Caribbean holidays should be aware of the following:

•    Laws vary from island to island and so it is advised to have utmost caution while enjoying Caribbean holidays because of the violent crimes in the recent past.
•    Make sure you closely pay an attention to your personal belongings.
•    Every island has its own emergency numbers, country codes and operator codes and so it is better to check the individual island codes through the net.
•    Hurricane may occur at some parts of the islands. So it is recommended to keep abreast of latest local news whenever possible.

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