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Cape Verde Islands Holidays

Cape Verde Islands holidays offer are a group of volcanic islands situated on the west coast of Africa. Cape Verde was a Portuguese colony in the 15th century, so it is amusing to the see the Portuguese influence in the everyday life of the islanders. Cape Verde comprises of 10 islands out of which nine are inhabited. Despite being overshadowed by drought for many years, Cape Verde today has emerged as one of the most preferred tourist destinations. The island is particularly famous with windsurfers and surfers due to the trade winds that create excellent surfing conditions. Midway between Portugal and Brazil, Cape Verde is perfect destination for families and honeymooners. You would love Cape Verde Islands holidays for offering numerous fun and frolic activities. If you are looking for beach or mountain holidays, opt for Cape Verde Islands holidays. The island of Sal is one of the most visited islands and is famous with surfers.

The spectacular scenery is ideal for hiking, the volcanic island of Fogo offers good hiking grounds, there are excellent walking opportunities in Brava and Sao Nicolau islands, many visitors come here for bird watching activities. Years of de-forestation, over cultivation and unpredictable weather has rather left the economy weak, their isolation from the world for many years have left the island unspoilt and comparatively undiscovered. Cape Verde is an unusual holiday destination, but definitely a beautiful and an undiscovered place to add a sense of adventure into your vacation. You would love to come back for Cape Verde Islands holidays.

Enchanting Cape Verde Islands Holidays

If are the one who absolutely love beaches with turquoise waters and sun on your back, then you will never be disappointed with Cape Verde beaches. Miles and Miles of stunning coastline wait’s for you, Cape Verde beaches not much crowded, with not a soul in sight sometimes.

Santa Maria is the most stunning of them all with 4 and half miles of Sandy beach line, ideal for a relaxing and peaceful evening walk. There are many water sporting activities also available like Windsurfing, kite surfing and Diving. You could always find your own paradise here while you come for a holiday in Cape Verde Islands.

Boa Vista is home to the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago with a beach line of 55 kms, it is nothing but pure paradise. The most spectacular beach is Praia de Chaves, where the sand dunes are sculpted by the winds into amazing arcs.

The best way to spend a relaxing day on your holiday to Cape Verde Islands would be to go out for fishing, sea fishing around the island is of exceptional quality and chances of a good catch is rather high.

Horse riding is also available in the islands of Sal, Sao Vicente and Santiago; it is a fantastic way to explore the islands and absorb the beauty around on your holidays to Cape Verde Islands. What could be better than riding along the untouched coastline!

Holidays in Cape Verde Islands have arrived and how. Whether you want to hit the bleached white beach or browse the Portuguese style streets or just want to try the exotic cuisine, this place is out of the ordinary.

Cape Verde Islands Holiday Etiquette

Tipping is left completely at the discretion of the tourist, though it is considered nice if done during your Cape Verde Islands holidays. The economy of Cape Verde Islands is service oriented, sourced through commerce, transport and public services. Outstandingly generous and humble in character, women are more dominating than men here. Education is compulsory, obedience and respect for elders is inculcated at an early age. The traditional system of joint family is adhered to by the nationals of Cape Verde Islands. Though backward economically, Social vices are rather low here. Cape Verdeans are very particular about their dress code and appearance. It is better to respect the dress code of the locals during your holidays in Cape Verde Islands. The women as in any other society look after domestic chores, and child bearing, but are also on equal par with the men when it come to tough physical labour like farming, commerce, fishing, construction and commerce.

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