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Cape Point Holidays

At the southern tip of Gambia River, where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean, is a beautiful resort called Cape Point with amazing views of the beach, the shoreline and the gleaming Gambia River. This resort is near the Old Cape Road and is exactly situated where the river meets the northern most edge of Bakau’s beach. The position of this resort makes Cape Point holidays an attractive proposition. Cape Point was discovered by Portuguese navigators who landed at this place in the 15th century.

Cape Point is famous for its spectacular and stunning views owing to its location. The beaches are covered with soft white sand and palm trees. Unspoilt and clean, these beaches are perfect for relaxing. With the town of Bakua at a kilometres distance, tourists on Cape Point holidays can experience the Gambian way of life and their culture. One interesting detail about Cape Point resort is that it is also a residential area where various politicians and dignitaries stay. It also has the UN headquarters and the British High Commissioners residence, ‘Admiralty House’. This makes Cape Point one of the family holidays destination in Gambia.

General Etiquette

Gambians follow Islamic beliefs and customs and visitors should respect their customs while visiting Gambia. It is considered good to use the right hand to give or take any item or food. Be sure to take permission before clicking anyone’s photo. It is advisable not to wear swim wear away from the beach or swimming pools during your holidays in Cape Point. In Gambia it is illegal to click photos of police officers, government buildings, military bases and guards.

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