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Cap Corse Holidays

Cap Corse is an island that is situated at the Northern tip of Corsica, which is 40 km long and 15 Km across. Cap Corse is supposed to be one of the most beautiful islands in Corsica which is famously called as the land of sailors and fishermen. Cap Corse is indeed a beautiful and serene place for nature lovers.

Beautiful Cap Corse

Cap Corse is a blend of historic culture and natural opulence; it integrates the best beaches of Corsica, amazing coastlines and charming villages. Towards the East, Cap Corse is overwhelmed by mountains, Sea and villages; this place has become a great tourist attraction. However, the west part of Cap Corse has hamlets attached to the rocky sea cliffs that are beaten up by stormy waves. Holiday in Cap Corse can be the best holiday for you as you get to see the splendid Corsica at one place. Imagine a theatrical backdrop with beautiful mountains with dense woods of pine having the village situated just at the coast line of the Sea. If you want to make that backdrop real and see it with your own eyes, pack your bags for Cap Corse.

General Etiquette

The French etiquette talks about tipping to taxi drivers, attendants, bus drivers and hairdressers. It is also important to apologize, incase you do not speak French. When it comes to eating, do not eat on streets as it may be considered unsophisticated. 

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