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Canico Holidays

Canico holidays present to you a small city in the Madeira Islands. Canico is located to the east of Funchal and is surrounded by two streams. Agriculture is the main industry of Canico. Canico holidays mean that you are surrounded by mountains to the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. Canico is a traditional city with a coastal resort and beautiful walkways on the seafront. Scenic countryside and areas of natural beauty are plentiful here and tourists on Canico holidays fall in love with the tranquil atmosphere. Canico holidays offer a variety of activities for visitors.

Charming Canico

Canico is located on the top of a steep winding road and offers excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean. Canico holidays have retained their age old traditional charm - the main square, eighteenth century church, shops, bars and restaurants are testimony to the fact. Canico holidays feature a pebbly beach and shopping is largely hotel or resort based. Water sports are the main tourist activity during Canico holidays. In fact, Canico is home to many premier scuba diving spots. The waters here are full of barracudas, parrot fish and other exotic fishes. In short, Canico holidays are a nature lover’s delight.

General Etiquette in Canico

Portuguese are very calm and friendly people. English is commonly spoken but French can also be used. It is better to try and avoid using Spanish during Canico holidays since the Portuguese still hold historical grudges close to heart. Tipping is generally followed in Canico. The service charge is not added to the final bill and hence leaving a 10% tip as an act of gratitude for service would be appreciated. Tipping is left to the discretion of the tourists; though those who pay can enjoy better service during their Canico holidays.

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