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Cancun Holidays

Cancun, the Mexican Caribbean, is in Mexico’s Quintana Roo state. This coastal city is located on Yucatan Channel tucked between Cuba and Mexico. Cancun is the most popular holiday spot in Mexico where tourists come to enjoy beach holidays. Tourists on Cancun holidays have lots in store for them in the form of water sports, entertainments and trips to historical sites. Numerous nightclubs and discos in Cancun ensure an active nightlife for tourists on Cancun holiday.

Charming Cancun

The Mainland and the Cancun Island, which is a 7 shaped holiday spot, are two areas of Cancun connected by two bridges. Cancun city with its residential area is on Mainland and the island is the Hotel Zone and holiday spot. River Maya on the northern side adds charm to Cancun. Cancun was earlier known as Nizuc to its Maya inhabitants. Traces of Mayan civilization can be found in Cozumel Island and Isla Mujeres in the form of settlers of this great civilization. The thick jungles, hills, canyons, golf clubs, pristine beaches and good hotels of Cancun Island are suitable for spa holidays, beach holidays, golf holidays and adventure holidays. 

General Etiquette in Cancun

In Cancun restaurants it is advisable to give tip to waiters for better service. Giving tip to the maid who serves a drink and cab driver is also recommended. In shops placing the money on the counter is considered rude instead give the payment directly to the staff.     

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