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Calpe Holidays

Calpe city in Spain is the perfect place for a romantic vacation and is apt for people who love beach holidays. There is huge rock called the Penon de Ifach at Calpe which attracts a number of visitors to the city and adds to its characteristics. Apart from the beautiful sandy beaches, there are many archaeological buildings and two old churches that are the cynosure for the discerning and exploring tourists. The history of Calpe states that the city had been attacked by pirates time and again and the 15th century church also gives one an insight into the past. The city has something to offer to people of all age groups. Whether it’s a family vacation, a group vacation, simply a relaxed vacation, one can easily enjoy it at Calpe.

The huge Penon de Ifach rock dominates a major part of this historical city and is symbol of this Spanish city. It is about a kilometer long and is about 332m high. The rich past of Calpe attracts many a history lovers to this beautiful city. The church belonging to the 15th century has been restored time and again and is well maintained. History of Calpe also talks about attacks by the pirates. The archaloeigical museum boasts of great findings that belong to the 4th to 8th century. The old tower called the torreon de la peca, and ruins of Bano de la reina and roman ruins are some of the proof that connects the present day Calpe to its past. Other things of interest at the beautiful town of historical Caple include the beautiful beaches, Natural Park of Penon de Ifach and numerous other such things.

General Etiquette in Calpe

Tipping is a general custom which is followed in any city or country. The service charges are not included in the bill at Calpe and therefore a tip of 5 to 10% is considered to be good. The Spanish people are sticklers for good etiquettes and manners and therefore tourists should ensure that they are at their best behaviour here. It is best that if they are polite with the native and display good manners.


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