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Calheta Holidays

Calheta holidays feature an agricultural town located in the western part of Madiera. Calheta holidays are abound with natural beauty, lush vegetation and valleys of sprawling vineyards. Some of the oldest parishes of Madeira dating back to the fifteenth century are hotspots for holidays in Calheta. In fact, Calheta is the main producer of bananas and sugarcane in Madeira. Calheta holidays, therefore, offer many interesting things to do for tourists from all parts of the world. Calheta holidays are also famous for yachting and fishing.

Scenic Calheta

Calheta in Portuguese means 'small beach'. Calheta is located on the rocky southern coastline of Madeira. Calheta has abundance of fish in its waters and is the transit point for many visiting yachts and fishing vessels. On Calheta holidays, one can enjoy walking and hiking. The beach here is man made and soaks up the tranquil atmosphere of Calheta. Unhurried and peaceful, Calheta holidays are the ideal break to do some nature exploring.

General Etiquette in Calheta

Tipping is practised in Calheta and one must leave the customary amount during Calheta holidays in order to enjoy cordial services. The service charge is not normally added to the bill and hence a 10% tip is expected by the service staff.

The Portuguese are very polite people and usually talk with their ‘p and q’ intact. Thus it is rude to snap your fingers, shout at waiting staff, etc. Though English is commonly spoken, French can be used as a second language in your Calheta holiday. It is better to avoid speaking in Spanish since Portuguese people do not like it due to historical reasons. Also try learning some Portuguese words to enjoy Calheta holidays even more.

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