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Calangute Holidays

Calangute holidays are a fun-filled experience in itself. Complete with water sports such as scuba diving, parasailing and water skiing, Calangute holidays top the list of beach holidays in terms of the most delicious local food at wonderful sprawling beaches.

Calangute holidays come among some of the most popular holidays of Goa. Calangute holidays offer a wide array of vast sands and handicrafts from all over Asia. Although the beach line gets narrow at places, move toward Candolim and it only gets less crowded and quieter. With many hotels having beach access and pool facility, you might need to book places in advance around New Year and Christmas to get the best of Calangute holidays. Calangute holidays can turn out to be the busiest of all, throughout the year, however, can also be the most satisfying in Goa.

Calangute holidays provide opportunities for water sports, such as parasailing, surfing and waterskiing, and access to other heavenly beaches around viz. Anjuna beach, Vagator beach and the popular extension of the Calangute - the Baga beach. Calangute holidays are no doubt fun-filled, thrilling and at the same time, relaxing holiday experiences.

When you’re at Calangute, you can keep yourself booked 24X7 with the beaches, the colourful markets filled with stalls from all over India, not to forget the waterspouts, the wildlife at sanctuaries and many tempting platters of delicious seafood. Calangute holidays may etch the most wonderful beach memories on your mind.

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