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Cala Blanca Restaurants and dining

Cala Blanca is one of the many small resorts on the Menorcan coastline and hence must face stiff competition from its neighbors. For tourists visiting Cala Blanca, this works splendidly as nothing but excellent dining and entertainment is guaranteed.
A wide variety of restaurants and bars are located in Cala Blanca. The good thing about even the most exclusive restaurants is that children are warmly welcomed, so family time is assured.   

Locally caught fish cooked in traditional Spanish and Minorcan styles is Cala Blanca’s specialty. A wide variety of prawn, red mullet, mussels, and sea bass dishes are offered. To fill the gap between an afternoon meal and evening dinner, there are plenty of tapas bars around the resort. Local wine shops can also be found aplenty.

Cala Blanca’s nightlife is relaxed and low-key. The few clubs, pubs and music bars provide good entertainment but for a better experience, tourists can head to the neighboring Santandria, Cala n Blanes, or Cala n Forcat resorts.

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