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Cala Blanca Hotels

Cala Blanca, like many other Menorcan resorts of its kind, is family friendly, but this is not sufficient to explain why Cala Blanca is so popular with families with young children.  

One of the main reasons that make Cala Blanca child-friendly is the safe sea. Here, the Mediterranean is shallow and wind blows mildly. Although it is enough for activities like windsurfing and sailing, winds never get too rough and the sea remains calm to allow children to swim and paddle.

Other reasons that make Cala Blanca a family favorite are its excellent family accommodations and entertainment facilities. Cala Blanca star hotels allow fantastic opportunities for fun. There are children’s play areas and play centres provided. Adults too can enjoy at indoor games, the hotel lounges and bars. Some hotels also come with a fully stacked library for those who’d like to spend quieter hours.

Hotels apart, Cala Blanca’s promenade behind the beach offers a nice selection of restaurants, bars and cafes. There are a handful of low-priced budget accommodations further into town. Traditional as well as multi-cuisine restaurants are also found aplenty in the town.

The center of Cala Blanca holidays is its beautiful white sandy beach. Set in a little cove, the beach welcomes daytime activities like sunbathing, picnics, water sports and beach games. Beach front bars and cafes ensure there are refreshments to accompany holidaymakers through their day by the sea.

Cala Blanca offers exciting sports like golf, tennis, bowling, go-karting and horse-riding. Scuba diving is extremely popular and there is a dive centre where beginners and professionals can take up lessons and excursions, respectively.

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