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Cabanas Holidays

Cabanas holidays feature a beautiful fishing village which is approximately twenty minutes away from the Faro Airport. Of late, the unspoilt locales offered by Cabanas holidays have become very popular among tourists. Cabanas holidays offer absolute serenity away from the hustle-bustle of everyday city life. Cabanas is located around five kilometres away from the bustling town of Tavira.Cabanas acquired its name from the huts which were built by fisherman in the eighteenth century.

Highlights of holidays in Cabanas include a lagoon of Ria Formosa Natural Reserve at the beginning of the town. You would find that fishing industry plays a crucial role in the economy of this region. Moreover, tourism has also led to development of the region - the sleepy sluggish town of Cabanas with handful of small cafes has suddenly become a popular tourist hub due to the surge in demand for Cabanas holidays. In fact, this quiet yet vibrant place Cabanas helps you in getting away from all your stress and anxiety back home.

When you enjoy your stay during Cabanas holidays, you tend to forget the sense of urgency as the slow pace of this Portuguese village takes you in its stride. The calm and crystal clear water of the lagoon and the bright fishing boats simply add to the beauty of Cabanas holidays.

General Etiquette in Cabanas

Portuguese are traditional and conservative, and they expect same behaviour from their visitors as well. On your Cabanas holidays, make sure that your greetings are polite and gracious with a reserved attitude. It is advisable that you pick up at least few common phrases of Portuguese to carry on your initial conversation. Make sure that while dining you do not rest your elbows on the table as it is not considered appropriate here. When invited by locals for dinner dress conservatively, and bring flowers and chocolates for the host.

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