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Bulgaria Holidays

One of the oldest states in Europe, holidays to Bulgaria are a truly memorable affair. A chance of a lifetime to experience virgin forests, pristine beaches and so much more yet to be blemished by the tourist crowds. Bulgaria holidays are one of the best places in Europe to experience cultural heritages, historical riches and lush landscapes and the locals more than keen to ensure your holidays to Bulgaria are memorable. If you are planning your dream Bulgaria holidays, you might need some info on the land that was once shrouded by the Iron Curtain for four decades.

Situated on the western shore of the Black Sea, Bulgaria sits in the heart of the Balkans and is one of the oldest states in Europe. If you plan to extend your Bulgaria holidays, you can travel to its neighbouring countries of Romania, Turkey, Greece or Macedonia. With its fascinating diversity in the terrain, on your Bulgaria holidays, you would find everything from clear Black sea coast to deep valleys and from snow-capped mountains to continental plains. There’s so much see and cherish that you’d wish your holidays to Bulgaria would never end.

History has seen Bulgaria being ruled by oppressive powers beginning with Ottoman Turks and ending recently with Soviet communism. Its people have endured a tough time behind the Iron Curtain but have successfully transformed today into a successful Parliamentary Republic with a bright future ahead.

Amongst the population of around 7.6 million people, the majority of people you come across on your Bulgaria holidays would be native Bulgarians. Turks and Romans make up the rest of the community. The population is mainly Bulgarian Orthodox in faith along with a sizeable number of Muslim followers. The official language spoken is Bulgarian. Bulgaria Leva (BGN) is the local currency and the current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 2.26 BGN. 

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