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Bugibba Holidays

Bugibba is a little town in Malta. Bugibba is is part of the St Paul's Bay local council. Bugibba is a tourist destination with many restaurants, clubs, pubs and casinos catering to various needs of tourists. Bugibba is known for its night life and other forms of entertainment rather than its beach mostly due to rocky nature of beach here. There is a small stretch of sand in Bugibba, but this cannot accommodate more than fifty to sixty people at a time.

Entertaining Bugibba

Bugibba is the Maltese party capital and is famous for its very lively night life. The resort of Bugibba was discovered in the 1960s and is located in the northern coast of the island making up Malta, in St Paul's Bay. Bugibba's quieter neighbour Qawra also attracts tourist interest. Bugibba is very popular during the mild winters and in summer tourists can top up their suntans. Bugibba is among the busiest resorts in Malta in spite of not being very aesthetically appealing. The beach is more rocky than sandy and is ideal for sunbathing. Water sports are another form of entertainment here. Bugibba is more popular for its casinos, pubs and hotels that provide various entertainment and remain open into the night. Long days with plenty of sunshine and starry evenings with recreations galore sums up the perfect Bugibba holiday.

General Etiquette

Tipping amount is not added to the bill in Bugibba. Nevertheless, it is wise to check it out in order to avoid paying twice the amount. A 15% tip for services are expected in restaurants while none is required in bars unless the order is being attended to by a hostess. In taxis a 10% tip is normal.

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