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Brussels Safety and Crime

It is a relatively safe place yet travellers during their Brussels holidays should take reasonable precautions from purse snatching, pick pocketing and street thefts. It has been found that crime rate continues to increase annually being purse snatching and pick pocketing the most common. These crimes are found to happen in subways, buses and trains.

For your comfortable Brussels holidays you are advised to use these numbers:

• While on road, you can avail road side assistance and other road related information in English from Touring Assistance, Tel: 070-344-777 (a toll free number within Belgium). Travellers on their Brussels holidays can also call Belgian police to get information on road conditions, Tel: 02-642-6666.

• The following are the emergency numbers: 101, 112 (cell).

• The international dialling code for Belgium is +32 and you need city codes to call within Belgium.

• You can contact Belgian Tourist and Information Office, at +32 (0)2 504 0390 for any information or can visit

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