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Local customs and rules to be aware of on Brussels holidays - suggests you to follow local customs and regulations on your Brussels holidays. Since the city is a cosmopolitan city it absorbs people from different cultures and regions. People are very friendly and open-minded and it is advised that the travellers know their culture and customs before they start their Brussels holidays. Generally when you greet someone you can kiss on his or her cheek. Since many Belgians work on international environments, it is better to avoid asking ‘what you do for a living’. But be prepared to have the same question from a Belgian. Travellers on their Brussels holidays should avoid talking on some areas such as giving bad comments about the region, style of language and mainly politics. French is widely spoken yet English is normally spoken by business class executives. On the street you might observe something that are perfectly normal such as kissing in public and so do not stare at them. Dogs are a common sight throughout the region and it is not illegal to bring it to cafes, hotels and public transport. And at last if you are crossing a pedestrian crossing, make a polite eye contact and wave smoothly as many drivers tend to rash drive on the streets. It is to be noted that the city has a Zero Tolerance policy on drug offences and underage drinking.

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