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Brussels Restaurants

Brussels cuisine is widely famous for its fine recipes and flavours from its historical influences. So, your Brussels holidays should not end without a stop at one of the following restaurants:

Comocomo Brussels: A refreshing restaurant that serves Basque tapas and has an amazing collection of delicious desserts and Spanish wines. A nice treat for travellers when they go for Brussels holidays.

Madame Brussels: With its lively atmosphere and fancy terrace, it offers a steamy home brew and a healthy portion of Phillippa’s bread to gratify your taste buds during your Brussels holidays.

Brussels Resto: Offers four course meal and drinks on Brussels standards. Famous for its modest prices and tasty delicacies.

Brussels Grill: One of the perfect choices for a serene and intimate Brussels holidays.

Brussels Restaurant & Brasserie: It specializes in Belgian cuisine and its menu comprises mainly of traditional recipes from different parts of Belgium. Savour the Belgian beer that is used in most fresh sauces and items during your Brussels holidays.

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