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Brussels Holidays

Brussels holidays offer you a perfect holiday vacation with its right mix of friendly people and various tourist places that feature eighty museums, stylish boutiques and grand restaurants. Its cordial hospitality has made it an international metropolis with lively nightlife and first class attractions. Travellers on their Brussels holidays can spend their evenings by enjoying its fabulous cuisine and relishing its enticing 700 varieties of beer.

The kingdom of Belgium, having gained its independence in 1830, is one of Europe’s richest, smallest and thickly populated countries. It is located in Western Europe and is well sandwiched between France and Netherlands. Being at the enviable hub of Europe, it remained the playground of the great powers of Europe for the past two millennia and so neighbouring countries took control of this place at one time or another. Belgium has one of the deepest sea ports like some in the Gulf of Mexico.

It covers an area of 30,513 square km and has a population of 10,414,336 with people from different races and cultures. Aptly called the Essence of Europe, the city of Brussels is both multilingual and multicultural. 60% of the population speak Dutch and reside in the northern part of the city and the rest speak French. It would be heartening to note that English is also spoken and understood by people of Brussels.

Belgium embraces all the best that the entire Europe can offer – You can take part in a festival in Binche, browse the antiques at its unique markets, search for diamonds in Antwerp, cruise through the canal in Bruges, visit the fine art museum, explore the castle in Namur or else savour waffles on the beach on Oostende. On your holidays to Brussels, you will come across awesome shopping, exotic hotels and lively night life within a small region.

In Belgium the main religion is Roman-Catholicism and you can find a lot of Catholic churches. The city also accepts other religious people such as Protestants, Jews, Greek Orthodox worshippers and Muslims.

Euro is the official currency and it comes in denominations of €100, €50, €20, €10 and €5. One Euro equals 1.37888 USD and one USD equals 0.725227 EUR roughly. One Euro is around 0.873340 United Kingdom Pound.

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