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Brena Baja Holidays

Brena Baja is a hillside village in La Palma, situated on the eastern slopes of the island. Located close to the La Palma airport and the island capital Santa Cruz, the Brena Baja village boasts remarkable natural beauty and a lively coastline brimming with tourists and activity. The coastline is also prized for stunning views of the neighboring islands of La Gomera and Tenerife and particularly spectacular sunrises.

Brena Baja village is a peaceful location, nestled between stoic mountains, verdant forests and the dazzling Atlantic waters. Tranquil and mellow, it is the perfect place for those desiring complete relaxation and to enjoy the natural splendor of La Palma.

The volcanic beach of Playa de los Cancajos is where visitors unwind at Brena Baja. Cancajos is the largest tourist area in La Palma. The beach consists of three bays following the rocky coastline to open into crystalline waters that harbor excellent conditions for all types of year-round water activities. Of these, snorkeling and diving are especially recommended to discover an array of colorful undersea vegetation and marine life.

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