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Brazil Restaurants

The country’s traditional dishes combine the delicious cuisines of African, Brazilian and Portuguese. In particular sea food tastes the best. Apart from the wide array of beers the local sugar cane rum named cachaca is served well during cocktails.

Porcao Rio's: Truly a Brazilian steakhouse, it offers great Brazilian meat, nice ambience and sumptuous buffet when you take a tour of Brazil holidays.

Antiquarius: One of the best Portuguese restaurant with tasty dishes, it is an excellent dining option for those on holidays to Brazil.

Camaroes Mucuripe: Don’t miss this dining property when you plan for Brazil holidays. This serves the simply best spaghetti with delicious seafood.

Lagundri: A fine East Asian restaurant that is situated in Curitiba. Travellers from Asia can savour their conventional dishes here. This elegantly decorated property also serves local cuisines on your Brazil holidays.

Jardim Das Delicias: A small courtyard property with nice garden and lively music in the evenings. It is famous for its delicious caipirinha that is made of cashew fruit and you can relish it on your Brazil holidays.

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