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Brazil Landmarks

Here, we will have a look at some of the landmarks and attractions of this gorgeous country that welcome people from all over. Brazil holidays can not be complete without paying a visit to these landmarks.

The Statue of Corcovado: Corcovado is a scenic mountain in Rio de Janeiro where travellers will get to see one of the tallest statues of Jesus Christ with his arms outstretched. It is one of the major tourist attractions that attract people from all over the world. A must visit destination on your Brazil holidays.

Ouro Preto: Situated in the Minas Gerais of Brazil, the city is widely renowned for its colourful Baroque architecture. In the olden days the place was believed to have large amounts of gold. As it was lately declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO the place is a must see during your Brazil holidays.

São João del Rei: This historical city was formed in the eighteenth century and travellers on their Brazil holidays can get a fine glimpse of around seventy splendid cathedrals and churches few of which remind of Belgian architecture found in Brussels. Definitely a must see place.

Congohas: Capital of Minas Gerais. It attracts people for its stunning basilica and magnificent statues. It was made a World Heritage Site in 1985.

City Center Salvador: A perfect holiday spot for your Brazil holidays. It nicely combines the scenic views of ocean with all the comforts of a metropolitan city. For those who search for fine dining and shopping during Brazil holidays they do not have to look further.

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