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Brazil How To Get There

Travelling around Rio is easy and comfortable and so you don’t need to hire a car for a relaxing journey. Road safety is not the very best and it needs to be improved a lot. It is highly recommended to carry plenty of water and a good road guide as the place exhibits tropical climate throughout the year. You will find a lot of subways and buses even in remote places. Long distance buses are usually cheap and comfortable and the country’s air service links all the major places of Brazil. But for some places you have to pass through hubs like Sao Paulo or Brasilia. Its railway system was almost destroyed during the military rule. So today there are just few passenger trains. Even though bicycle is commonly used in rural areas it is not appreciated in big cities. Travellers on their Brazil holidays can do cycling on famous cycle tracks such as Fortaleza, Recife and Rio de Janeiro. In Amazon and Sao Luis, boat travel is commonly preferred. Through inland water ways you can enjoy going on ferries and boats and it is highly recommended for Brazil holidays.

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