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Brazil Holidays

Officially called Federative Republic of Brazil, its population stands at 192 million and it is the fifth largest country in the world. Portuguese is mainly spoken by Brazilians. Apart from that, a smaller group of people speak relatively lesser known Amapa Creole, Ticuna and Kaingang. Majority of people follow Roman Catholic (73.6%) while others follow Protestant (15.4%) and other faiths.

As a country, Brazil is best remembered for its loads of fun, colour, scenic ambience and people who know how to lead a life to the fullest! And so it remains as one of the best tourist destinations of South America. It is famous for Amazon River that is regarded as the largest river in the world and is fondly nicknamed as "The River Sea". Nearly 5000 different species of fish have made this river an attractive place to explore. The country is also known for its cordial and joyful people, Samba dance and pretty women.

Brazil holidays exhibit a rich cultural heritage, charming towns, nice food and scenic beaches. It has 4,650 miles of expansive coastline with various types of beaches such as Rio’s Copacabana, the world’s well renowned city beach to the more sophisticated Ipanema. The best time for surfing is from November to March and the most adventurous surfers go to the island of Santa as they offer plenty of attractions. If travellers on their Brazil holidays plan to dive, they can check out lots of places that hire equipments. They can also learn by getting help from PADI instructors.

Brazilians have settled in different parts of the world, mostly United States as it is the closest developed nation. With a large and growing community of Brazil nationals in Florida, Florida holiday packages are some of the most popular package holidays with people of Brazil.

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