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Boston is situated in the eastern part of the country, and is one of the 13 original colonies that fought for independence from Britain. Being at the forefront of transport and infrastructure development, Boston has an extremely well connected network of air, road and sea. The tourist can use any of these to get into Boston from virtually any part of the country. It is connected through three important road routes –I-90, the Massachusetts-Turnpike connecting from the west, and the I-93 and I-95, which connect from the north and south. The tourist can pick up any of these routes according to convenience. And then, there are local as well as regional buses that can be taken to arrive into Boston. Peter Pan and Greyhound are two better known regional transport companies that have services from many neighboring and faraway states. You could also take a train on Rte. 128. Back Bay Station and South Station are the main stops in Boston. Boston has flights from about every part of the country and abroad. Boston is served by Logan Airport.
It is aptly remarked that while any average American city is distinguished by its skyline; Boston is unique in this sense, in that it is known for its neighborhood. This is the singularly distinctive feature of Boston. Its neighborhoods are what make Boston the city it is. These neighborhoods are the microcosm of the America the world knows by. These Boston neighborhoods are samples of people drawn from all over the world. You are as likely to find people from Japan as you would from Jamaica. Whether it is a Chinese or a Czech community that you are looking for; you are sure to find in Boston’s neighborhoods! Boston is thus the glue that holds the world’s communities in its embrace. Brighton; Beacon Hill; Charlestown; Allston; Dorchester; Hyde Park; Mission Hill; North End; Roslindale; West End and West Roxbury are some of the energetic neighborhoods of Boston that mark its place as a cauldron of cultures. While neighborhoods make up the core character of Boston, there is still a lot more to see in and around this historic city. You could take a trip to Boston Public Library. This is a beehive of literary and cultural activities. On occasions, cultural fests that run for months or even a year at end are on. Or, the tourist to Boston could hear some heart-stirring melodies from the Community Music Center. And what about a visit to the alma mater of the world’s finest achievers, Harvard? This nearly four-century old university, located in Greater Boston, is a place in which you are never going to run out of intellectual fulfillment once you step in here. Boston has means to satisfy your aesthetic cravings, too. The Museum of Fine Arts, which showcases the finest in artwork, is located in Boston. What’s more, entry is free on Wednesday evenings here!

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