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Boston Holidays

Mention the name ‘Boston’ to any student of American history, and the eyes light up to recall its rightful place as the hometown of the American Revolution. It was in Boston that what may be termed the earliest seeds of the American nation were planted. No fewer than three events of great gravity took place in Boston, the capital of the state of Massachusetts, to put its place firmly on the preface of the nation’s history books. Boston was the site of the arrival of among the earliest batches of English settlers; it was here that the Boston Massacre, which propelled the nation towards independence, took place. Finally, the greatest landmark of American history –the Boston Tea Party, was enacted in Boston. Although established in 1630 as a town; Boston was incorporated as a city almost two centuries later. Today, it is home to nearly two thirds of a million proud Americans, whose forefathers gave shape to the idea of the American nation, something no human endeavor had ever atte

While its importance to American history is beyond question; what also makes Boston special is the fact that it is not stuck with the past. If on the one hand, it heralded change by overthrowing a despotic and arbitrary regime, on the other, it has kept up the momentum for change by growing to great heights in almost every conceivable area. Boston is today a center that matches the world’s best in terms of facilities and developments in nearly every conceivable area. Be it education, healthcare, culture or sports, Boston is there right at the top.

Boston – Cradle Of The Revolution

When the historian makes account of the experiment called the United States of America, the place that can rightly be termed the locus in which it all started is Boston. There is a certain aura about the place called Boston to signal its connection with the American nation. What else does one say, when the entire process of American birth and founding started here; the seminal events of the Revolution, namely the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre took place here?  The innate and inseparable connection American history has with Boston can be ascertained from the fact of its being the birthplace of the nation. It was in Boston that the Puritan Colonists landed way back in September 1630. This was among the first important steps in the founding of the nation, preceded by only one other event of such magnitude, the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers into the colony of Plymouth a decade earlier. Its connection initially was not to the America that was to be born a few decades later, about which the Puritans would not have had an in inkling, but with God. The earliest Puritan settlers believed Boston was the place in which they had a special covenant with God, in a fashion somewhat similar to what the Jewish people had with Israel. It was this rigid Puritan outlook that was to shape the first contours of development here. Among the first institutions the Puritans built was a school in which orthodox Christian beliefs were imparted. In the first century of its existence, Boston was the largest city in pre-independent America, until it was overshadowed by Philadelphia. Fast forward to the feverish climate of the Revolution of more than a century later, and we find Boston in the thick of the action that led to the independence of this nation. This event was to change the country, the continent, and with it, the rest of the world to a great extent. So, what all happened during this period to make Boston the source of the Revolution?
At least two incidents that were to leave an indelible mark on the trail of the independence movement took place in Boston.  The first of these was the Boston Massacre of 1770. On March 5, a small commotion took place in this town in protest against taxes the Crown imposed on the new colonies on such essential items as stamps and sugar. The Crown did this of course, to replenish the exchequer which had been severely drained following its costly wars with France and in India in 1763. However, the colonists were in no mood to oblige. All that happened in this incident was that a Crown sentry guard, Thomas Preston, fired on a white colonist and a black slave in a fit of rage over an argument on the matter of taxation. Passersby joined in the altercation, and five persons were killed in the scuffle. Although this number may seem trivial in relation to the numbers lost in the later battles, this was the first spark that set the whole idea of colonial governance on fire. Next, an event of unimaginable magnitude took place to truly turn the revolution on. This was what came to be known as the Boston Tea Party. History has recorded that when the colonists in Boston declined to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, what followed was an outcry that was to deliver the final deathblow to the Crown in America. This is when a group of irate colonists boarded these ships and dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor. From then on, America was never going to remain the same.

General Etiquette in Boston
The rate of tipping is not really fixed in Boston. The general norm is to offer 15 percent for the first service, and 18 to 20 percent for the next time onwards. The actual quantum is left to the customer, and it is not surprising to see some people offering tips of as high as 30 percent for exceptionally good service.

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