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Boothbay Harbour Holidays

Best-known as "The Boating Capital of New England," Boothbay Harbour can become whatever you want it to be: a tranquil time to refresh your soul, an active time boating, fishing, hiking, playing golf and tennis, or a family adventure. Boothbay Harbour is a charming place in the mid-coast region of Maine - a historic centre with a scenic harbour front. Formerly known as Townsend, the harbour continued to develop as a fishing center until 1889, when the community was set off from Boothbay and incorporated as the town of Boothbay Harbour. This harbour has over 25 excursion boat trips daily during the boating season to near-by islands, along the shoreline, and in smooth river waters.
So if you are water-loving enthusiast looking for a pleasant break, you can head straight to Boothbay Harbour for a perfect vacation!

For over a century the Boothbay Harbour region has been a favourite destination of travellers longing to relax and enjoy the "rock bound coast of Maine". Boasting a timeless atmosphere, the region is renowned for its natural beauty and boating pleasures. Boothbay Harbour holidays offer something for everyone, from non-stop waterfront activity in the form of boating, canoeing, swimming and fishing, to peaceful walks along the quiet coves and the winding country lanes. Boothbay Harbour has a host of restaurants serving some of the finest and freshest of seafood especially the locally caught Maine Lobster. Boothbay Harbour makes an ideal destination with whale and puffin-watching trips, railway tours, the aquarium, the botanical gardens, numerous museums, bowling, tennis, golf and excellent shopping opportunities for the perpetual shopaholics! Doesn’t that sound like a perfect holiday spot for the entire family?

General Etiquette in Boothbay Harbour

Tipping is more or less compulsory in Boothbay Harbour and around Boston. In restaurants, waiters may expect around 10% to 20%, as do taxi drivers, while porters and bellboys can be tipped around USD 1.00 or USD 2.00 per piece of luggage. You are not expected to tip in fast-food restaurants or cinema halls.

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