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Bonifacio Holidays

Bonifacio is a commune located at the southern tip of Corsica Island. Bonifacio is part of the French Corse-du-Sud department. Bonifacio is the largest commune in the island of Corsica. The inhabitants of Bonifacio are known as Bonifaciens and the female inhabitants are called Bonifaciennes. The best view of Bonifacio can be enjoyed from a boat in the 12km Strait of Bonifacio channels which extend from Corsica's southern tip to Sardinia (Italian Island). The city of Bonifacio is among the most visited in summer and play host to many tourists throughout the season.

Enchanting Bonifacio

The buzzing haven that Bonifacio is during peak summer seasons with holiday crowds gives Bonifacio a special vigour. The magnificent settings with limestone peninsula and white cliffs sandwiched between Corsica and Sardinia. Bonifacio's beautiful natural harbour is the main tourist attraction here. Though Bonifacio is French in origin Bonifacio town showcases a distinct Italian flavour. Cafes, boutiques, restaurants and medieval architecture cater to all types of tourists. The old town of Bonifacio and its 12th century citadel is an interesting tourist attraction in Bonifacio. The citadel in Bonifacio has been used in the 1960s and 1980s as base for the French Foreign Legion.

General Etiquette In Bonifacio

It is customary in Bonifacio to tip taxi drivers, hairdressers and service staff. A 10 to 15% tip is the norm. Washroom and cloakroom attendants, museum tour guides, bus tour guides are also normally tipped in Bonifacio. Restaurants and hotels charge a service tip of 15% hence an added tip to attendants is not compulsory but nevertheless in good taste.

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