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Bodrum Region Holidays

Beach resorts and ancient sites are two things that are characteristic of the Bodrum region. Bodrum region on the Aegean coast of Turkey, promises sparkling warm sea waters where one can enjoy a variety of water sports.

The Bodrum region lies in the south-west coastal region of Turkey. In fact, the historical city of Halicanassus stood at the same spot with King Mausolous’ tomb which in turn is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Bodrum region has two harbours which open out to the Aegean Sea. The natural beauty and ancient charm of Bodrum make it a great place for holidaying in Turkey. However, be wary of the great stray dog population in the Bodrum region which is generally harmless, but be careful nevertheless. The local time in the Bodrum region is GMT+2 hours.

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