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Boa Vista Holidays

Holidays in Boa Vista, the third largest among the Cape Verde islands, is quite popular among tourists across the world. The island is covered with oases of date palms and home to scenic sand dunes. The white beaches and crystal clear waters make Boa Vista a paradise for beach holidays in Cape Verde. Boa Vista is also the birthplace of Morna, a popular musical genre combining African melody with Brazilian tone. Despite heavy tourist inflow, holiday in Boa Vista offers a chance to explore the unspoilt natural heritage.

The magnificent beaches are the prime attraction during Boa Vista holidays. The 55 km-long soft sandy beaches and idyllic emerald water are perfect to spend beach holidays in Boa Vista. The island is home to Chave Beach, Santa Monica Beach and Curralinho Beach, among the finest beaches in the world. For nature lovers, holidaying in Boa Vista, the east coast of the island is a great spot to visit. Beaches on the eastern side are favourite nesting grounds for several species of protected turtles. Apart from the beaches, Boa Vista holidays have much more to offer. The relaxed atmosphere and plenty of scope for activities attract many to spend family holidays in Boa Vista. Tourists can go for horse riding and big game fishing. Water sports are part and parcel of Boa Vista holidays. The sand dune and dates in the interior entice tourists spending holidays in Boa Vista to explore them. The rising number of resorts in the island adds to the convenience of tourists spending beach holidays in Boa Vista. Tourists can also enjoy jeep safari holidays in Boa Vista and tour beautiful villages located in the interior. The township of Sal Rai is known for its attractive nightlife and hotel entertainment. Excursions to nearby scenic islands also top the list of attractions for tourists spending holidays in Boa Vista.

Boa Vista Holiday Etiquette

Tourists spending holidays in Boa Vista must not exhibit any racial feeling. They should respect the local African customs and traditions. The practice of giving tips is widely welcomed. However, the tip amount is not fixed and usually it is a small percentage of the bill amount. It is a criminal offence to destroy natural habitats in Boa Vista.

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