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Bijilo Holidays

Rightly dubbed as the “True Taste” of western Africa, Bijilo sums up what this part of the world has to offer to tourists. With pristine beaches, blazing sunshine, magnificent coastline and charming wildlife reserves, Bijilo holidays is just the right option for family vacation, honeymoon or fun and frolic trip. Surrounded by Atlantic Ocean to the west, Bijilo promises plenty of adventure and entertainment activities to enjoy an African vacation. This is indeed incredible Africa!

The beautiful Gambian city of Bijilo is a charming place, lively with an active nightlife, vibrant wildlife, serene surroundings, pristine beaches, thrilling atmosphere, smiling faces. In fact, it will not be wrong to dub Bijilo as the heart of Gambia. With so much of fun, thrill and entertainment, why will tourists not flock to this magic land, which promises to enliven their spirits at every moment? There is something magical about holidays to Bijilo – its tranquillity despite the great tourist influx and plethora of fun-filled activities!

The locals of Bijilo greet strangers, saying “May peace be upon you,” a typical Islamic way of greeting. Greet others with a right hand during your holidays to Bijilo. Music is a way of life of the locals of Bijilo, who are found singing while fishing in the river or harvesting. Take your shoes off before sitting down on a mat for a meal in the house of a local. Men and women eat separately in traditionally religious families. Do not even try to smell food in front of others during your holidays in Bijilo. Eat with the right hand, with no involvement of the left hand. It is considered a form of etiquette not to speak while eating in Bijilo. However, don’t forget to mention how delicious the meal was on your holidays to Bijilo.

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